Case Study

The Taqueria


Founded in 2015, Taqueria is a regional chain of Mexican Street Food, serving hungry patrons throughout Wisconsin.


The overall objective is to develop an interactive solution for the Wisconsin brand La/The Taqueria. Online ordering, interactive customer experience with the brand and visual appealing assets that sets Taqueria apart.


  • Custom Web Application Development
  • Ecommerce
  • Video Production
  • Marketing


Perspektive Media developed an interactive web application that provided the elements necessary for seamless online ordering. Starting with imagery we focused on product photography needed for the site and additional marketing. Followed up with video elements used on the homepage and additional TV Commercials. The Ecommerce site not only allows an interactive experience for ordering food but is designed for a SEAMLESS customer experience right down to Taqueria receiving the order automatically print for order pickup. This integration has create an operational much like larger chains and allowed much more scale that traditional methods, with everything a custom process.